Tanning Bed Appointment Booking Software

Online booking app great for tanning bed rental businesses

Tanning Bed Appointment Booking SoftwareRenting out tanning beds is a great small business, as having a tan is highly desired for most people. Keeping the tanning beds on schedule for customers can become a bit disorganized at times if you don’t have a good system. We have an easy solution for this disorganization.

GigaBook is a great place to track your resources’ (resourced = tanning beds) schedules, and you can use GigaBook internally to book appointments ahead of time and see what is available for walk-ins; or you can use GigaBook to allow customers to book you’re their desired bed online off of your very existing website. Or if you currently don’t have a website for your small business, you can create one for free with GigaBook.

Try GigaBook’s Tanning Bed Appointment Booking Software

If you decide to allow outside customers to book the tanning beds online as there are usually many types of beds to choose from whether you want a regular bed, a deluxe bed, a stand up tanner, or even just a leg tanner. With online booking, you can even accept payment at time of booking, so when they show up for their appointment, they can check-in and they are ready to go!

What else can GigaBook do to help your business succeed?

  • Send email and text reminders to your clients, which reduces no-shows
  • You can email invoices to clients, and accept payment online
  • A built-in To-Do List which can help remind you those day-to-day tasks like ordering more bulbs or keep track of inventory
  • Use online promotional codes to attract new or repeat business
  • Customize your online booking form to gather required data before clients arrive, such as age minimum or skin health history

GigaBook is your hardest working employee, and will surprise you with the many improvements it can make for your small business without ever making a complaint. Check out GigaBook today, and see how easy it is to make your small business more efficient and successful!