Tattoo Scheduling Software

Online scheduling software ideal for booking tattoos, artists and shops

Online Scheduling Software for TattoosWhen it comes to tattooing, delivering all-around quality is a must. Between booking customers, following up, buying supplies and building your customer base, there are many reasons artists operate less-efficiently than they should. Now, what if there was a software that assisted with all of that and more? Enter GigaBook, an online scheduling software for tattoos! Read on to discover how an online scheduling software for tattoos can help in regard to cost-saving, time and personnel management and minimizing the risk of human error.

When an excellent online scheduling software for tattoos, such as GigaBook, is utilized appropriately, there is no better way to book customers; it gives them the ability to book themselves through your existing website. With the click of a button, they are able to see artists’ current, real-time availability, choose their own appointment time and be updated along the way.

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Once they are booked, calendars across all platforms are updated immediately, and everything can be synced with third-party calendars such as Google, Apple and Outlook. This not only eliminates the risk of over-booking one or more artists/clients, it also results in fewer no-show appointments and eliminates the risk of staff incorrectly entering information.

The ability to send automated, personalized reminders and notifications is extremely handy as well. If someone is running ahead of or behind schedule, the online scheduling software for tattoos will send notifications to clients and staff updating them on the status along the way. If a client has a recurring session, artist or location, reminders are sent throughout the duration of the standing appointment. This leads to better overall communication among staff and higher satisfaction among clients.

As anyone with a basic understanding of business knows, people have to get paid for their time, expertise and final delivery, right? Well, once a session is completed, instead of sitting down, parsing through billable hours and compiling data, why not automate that process? From the beginning of a session, invoices can be created and monitored along the way, getting updated as things progress. Once finalized, they can be sent to clients and continue to be tracked and logged.

Using GigaBook’s online scheduling software for tattoos, artists and shops can:

  • Book clients through their existing website
  • Sync with third-party calendars
  • Update calendars in real-time
  • Send personalized reminders and notifications
  • Automate invoices and collect payment
  • Much more

Let us know what you think! Start with a free, no obligation 14-day trial of GigaBook’s online scheduling software for tattoos today!