Therapist Appointment Booking Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Therapists


Therapist Appointment Booking SoftwareDo you find yourself in client appointments all day and into the evening? Between scheduling appointments, invoicing and other record keeping, it can become difficult to keep everything organized in one spot. Clients come to see you for a variety of reasons and during their time with you nothing is more important than them. However, you want to grow your business which could difficult when you are in meetings. Turing your attention to that while with a client could be detrimental to your practice and overall business. By offering online appointment booking software, you can focus on your clients, while at the same time scheduling appointments and growing your business.

Try GigaBook’s Therapist Appointment Software

GigaBook’s appointment booking software allows you the flexibility to customize your booking the site to match and integrate with your current website. When an appointment is scheduled, GigaBook will send confirmation notifications of the scheduled appointment. It will also send notification reminders prior to the scheduled appointment with the client. If you are using other calendars such as Gmail and Outlook, GigaBook will sync with those calendars ensuring that you never miss an event or appointments. You can easily set reoccurring appointments with your clients and also reschedule appointments easily if something unexpected comes up.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can: 

  • Create a booking site that will integrate with your existing website.
  • Send notification reminders to you and your clients.
  • Easily set reoccurring appointments.
  • Sync with other calendars.
  • Easily keep track of clients and invoices.