Tour Guide Booking Software

Online booking and appointment software ideal for use by tour guides and companies

Tour Guide Booking SoftwareWhile always being on your feel and meeting new people, you have an exciting and busy career. Not many people are cut out for the long intense days of being a tour guild, both managing the people in your group and staying on a strict timeframe. These are not easy tasks, but it is apart of the job that you love. You have very little down time from when you can take appointments to when you have to be in the field. Unless you get a secretary, but we all know that can be expensive!

We at GigaBook can help you, we have made it possible for you to take appointments 24/7 through your current website. No longer will you miss a sale because you are in the middle of a tour or eating dinner with your family. You are able to take bookings real-time so there is never any overlap and you can always have full tours! With GigaBook you can have all kinds of different tour options. You can have group tours where there can be however many people you want to sign up, or you can make it a little more personal and set up family, couple, or single person tours. The options are truly limitless when you take the first step to GigaBook.

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Do you have problems with people missing appointments or “forgetting”? We thought you might; so we have created a great feature called “reminders,” now you can automatically have emails and/or text messages sent to your group or to yourself so no one ever misses a tour again! Now that you can turn your current website into a real-time booking site, you can begin to take appointments online. With these benefits to you, you will begin to see your revenue reach new maximums due to all of the extra time you save. Every time you get a new appointment, you can set up another feature to notify you that someone has booked with you.

GigaBook wants to help your business become the best and most efficient it can be. With the special talent that you posses and the options we can offer you, you will be able to be as great at you want to be.