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Volunteer Coordinator Scheduling SoftwareMost nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers in varying degrees for a lot of the work that they do. The jobs done by volunteers are as varied as the people who do them. In fact, in 2014, almost 63 million Americans volunteered their time and resources to countless organizations.  Regardless of the actual tasks they do, all of these volunteers have at least one thing in common: the time, energy, and resources they bring are critically important to an agency or program’s success.

Vital to the success of an organization are volunteer coordinators who help an organization run smoothly. They are the point of contact between the volunteers and the organization, and their primary job is to recruit volunteers, which requires wearing many hats.

Try GigaBook’s Volunteer Scheduling Software

Being organized, having the patience to work well with people, and communicating effectively are some of the most important skills a person needs to manage volunteers.  GigaBook.com has all the tools to assist in staying organized and working efficiently.  The integrated calendar and to-do list keeps track of important deadlines, provides automated reminders and is accessible anywhere.

With an active schedule and attending numerous committees and meetings, GigaBook’s online scheduling software allows easy access, 24/7, for scheduling appointments and sends emails or text reminders so that appointments aren’t missed.  This easy form of communications keeps everyone informed and on the same page.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Accept appointments requested through your existing website
  • Create your own free personalized booking mini-site
  • Send volunteers text messages and email reminders
  • Send reminders to yourself or others about upcoming appointments
  • Easily reschedule appointments and notify volunteers about the change
  • Easily set repeat appointments
  • Track success rate of all appointments

Because training is critical to successful volunteer opportunities, you can manage class size through GigaBook’s customizable Group Setting Booking tool—you set the specifications and GigaBook tracks the progress of class enrollment.


Through the use of effective appointment and calendar management you should experience the following benefits:

  • Higher conversion rate of appointments through reducing no-shows
  • Increased revenue due to ease of scheduling sessions by volunteers
  • Increased volunteer retention through effective communication


Schedule volunteer participation using your existing website!

If you have an existing website, you can easily convert your site to accept appointments with your real-time availability.  Use the GigaBook Booking Widget included in your subscription to easily take appointments on your website.  It’s as easy as creating and customizing your own booking widget and then inserting it on your own site!