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Onlinen Booking Software for Websites to use for bookings and invoicing

Website Booking SoftwareWhen it comes to growing your online business, the importance of efficiency and thorough communication are unparalleled. Scheduling and booking are huge factors that contribute to so many facets of the business, so you need something in place to handle the influx of clients attracted to your website. A platform like GigaBook, a customizable website booking software, offers the perfect solution for you and your website’s growing popularity!

GigaBook website booking software gives you the ability to accept and book appointments through your existing website, and this is all done self-serve by the client. When they visit your website, they are able to see your real-time availability, so they can pick and choose the time and date that works best for them!

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This not only frees up your time to do more things you love, but it results in fewer no-show bookings and completely removes the risk of any double-bookings because your calendar will sync with your third-party calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar, Office 365, Apple iCal and Exchenge) the instant a booking takes place. You can also rest easy knowing the information and data collected as clients use your website is always accurate and safe.

The other nice thing about GigaBook’s website booking software is the fact that it gives you the power to schedule, review and send personalized email and text reminders and notifications to both staff and clients. This removes large, redundant tasks, streamlining your bookings. If you run into an unforeseen circumstance, longer-than-expected meeting or a last-minute cancellation, your staff and your clients alike will be consistently up-to-date – resulting in better communication overall and higher customer satisfaction.

Our website booking software also allows you to manage your accounting needs as well. Using GigaBook as your online assistant, you can create, track and send invoices in no time at all. This ensures a higher level of organization and much more consistent revenue. Searching for specific invoices is a breeze as well – all you have to do is enter the client’s name or invoice number, and you’re able to monitor invoice statuses.

With GigaBook’s website booking software, you can:

• Accept and book clients and appointments through your own website
• Sync your calendar with all third-party calendars instantly
• Safely and accurately collect data
• Send personalized reminders and notifications to staff and clients
• Create, send, search for and monitor invoices

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