Wine Tasting Event Booking Software

Onilne booking platform ideal for wine tasting event scheduling

Wine Tasting Event Booking SoftwareA very popular touristic and local trend bringing people from all over to vineyards, wineries, and wine bars is wine tasting! For many to most customers, walking into a store and knowing which wine to buy can be overwhelming, so a wine tasting is a great way for people to become educated on the flavors of wine, pairings, and learn their own palate.

As a provider of these wine tastings, you know it can become overwhelming with a larger sized group, so pre-booking and limiting the capacity of classes to stay safe and organized is the way to go. The booking of these classes can be another overwhelming taskā€¦ until now!

Try GigaBook’s Wine Tasting Event Booking Software

To allow more focus on your business and your clients, Gigabook offers online booking with your existing website as a cloud-based appointment booking platform. Gigabook can book individual and group tours or tastings all day and night right up to the start time. You just use the user friendly interface, plugging in your available times for the tastings, and let Gigabook do the rest including accepting payment for you if required!

Other features Gigabook has to offer:

  • Save a client database for future marketing purposes
  • Decrease your costs in booking labor
  • Access Gigabook dashboard from any phone or computer
  • To-Do list access on the dashboard to stay organized
  • Text or email reminders to both you and the client, which reduces no-shows
  • Auto-sync your Gigabook calendar with your current calendar

Give GigaBook a try and take advantage of the free customer service to help you set up your account as well as integrate the booking software with your existing website.