Yoga Class Group Booking Software

Online Yoga group class scheduling software for Yoga studios

Yoga Class Booking SoftwareYoga is obviously a popular class taken by a wide range of individuals whether they are looking to meditate, tone their body, socialize, or reach that next level. There are also many types of yoga to choose from like Hatha yoga (for beginners), Vinyasa (for the more fit and faster-paced), Bikram yoga (hot yoga), and Kundalini (more spiritual and mediation) among others; and as a yoga instructor, you know how time consuming booking these classes can be and keeping them all coordinated. Are you constantly sorting out emails, phone calls, and texts to set up your classes, make sure you aren’t overbooking your classes, and classes don’t conflict with one another? Do you want to find an easier way? Look no further, because GigaBook is here to book your classes online and organize your business without breaking a sweat (you can leave that for the hot yoga).

GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment booking platform that you can plug right into your existing website to take group and individual booking for all types of classes you might offer.

Try GigaBook’s Yoga Class Booking Software

GigaBook currently offers amazing features such as:

  • Automated text or email reminders so no more no-shows!
  • Accepts payment at time of booking so no more managing who still owes and needing change for cash payments
  • Online real-time booking 24 hours a day so you no longer have to miss calls or potential clients during classes or while you sleep
  • Ease of use for you and your clients which leads to happy customers
  • Wonderful customer service for any questions you may have setting up your account
  • Access to GigaBook dashboard from any computer, phone, or tablet with internet
  • A Built in to-do list so you stay on top of your day-to-day priorities

GigaBook has many other amazing features that can greatly benefit your business such as storing all of your client info, auto-syncing your calendars, and keeping track of invoices with even more impressive features to come. Don’t miss out on this life changing necessity for your business. Once you try it, you’ll never understand how you could live without it. Namaste.